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Michael Witzel's Published Books
The American Gas Station
Gas Station Memories
The American Diner
Drive-In Deluxe
Route 66 Remembered
The American Drive-In
Cruisin': Car Culture in America
The Gas Station
The American Motel
Gas Stations Coast to Coast
Les Stations-Service Americaines
Hit The Road!
Soda Pop
Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola
Roadside Americana
Barns: Styles and Structures
Legendary Route 66
Barbecue Road Trip

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Use this form to contact Witzel with your questions and comments. Collectors, enthusiasts, and popular culture history buffs: Your feedback about current or past books, articles, and other projects is appreciated. If you have a suggestion for a book, historical article, or other story, please send the details for consideration.

Witzel is available for public appearances, lectures, and consultation on a variety of historical subjects, including popular culture foods, restaurant history, food history, barbecue, the hamburger, hot dog, ice cream cone, roadside America, gasoline stations, road trips, drive-in restaurants, cruising Main Street, barbecue, soft drinks, roadside attractions, diners, classic cars, hot rods, and Route 66.

Radio, television, or film producers that would like to book Witzel for an interview, appearance, or historical consultation should make contact directly using the email link below. For bookings, please call the contact number.



Contact the author via email: Michael Karl Witzel
For all other inquiries, please call (512) 557-2240
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