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Fill up your tank with gas station history and filling station folklore—past and present. It’s all here, from America’s first visible register pumps to the mega convenience stores of today.


It's breakfast, lunch, and dinner to go as we head out on a culinary road trip to sample the food at America’s best—and worst—roadside restaurants, drive-ins, diners, and cafes.


As night falls and the neon “Vacancy” signs flicker to life, load up your bags in the trunk as we hit the road in search of America’s most memorable hotels, cheap motels, and tourist courts.


Let's take a detour from the ordinary and ride the fringe—as we gaze in wonder at the amazing amusements, diversions, and oddities found along the coast-to-coast sideshow.

18th Jun

Barbecue Bob Blues

Robert Hicks was born on September 11, 1902 in Walnut Grove, Georgia. After his parents moved to Newton County, he joined his older brother Charlie in taking guitar lessons from local guitar-picking diva, Savannah “Dip” Weaver. Both brothers made friends with the young Weaver boy, “Curley” and soon they were practicing their pentatonic …

13th May

Barbecue Road Trip

With the advent of television networks devoted to foods and programs geared toward “cooking it yourself,” today’s backyard chefs consider themselves masters of the so-called “barbecue arts.” Unfortunately, clothed in their “Kiss the Cook” aprons—with tongs in hand and battery-powered temperature probe at the ready—they are …

12th May
brookshire bros chicken

Fried Chicken at Brookshire Brothers

When it comes to the Southern staple known as fried chicken, the Brookshire Brothers deli department has got the Colonel on the run. OK … so they don’t have all the fancy batters like Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy®, Super Crispy®, Extra-super Crispy®, or Extra-super-duper Crispy®, but they have enough of a variety to satisfy the …

10th May

Motel Relaxation With Magic FIngers

During the twilight of the fifties, the Englander Company manufactured a commercial sleeping slab with a mechanical vibrator at its core. One of their top salesman, John Houghtaling (HUFF-tay-ling), peddled the unit to customers in the lodging industry. When a number of clients complained that the buzz-boxes were burning out, he took it …

15th Mar
heinz ketchup fries

From Fish Brine to Ketchup

Ahhh … that tangy, thick, and sticky condiment known as ketchup—where would American road food be without it? Certainly, drive-ins, diners, coffee shops, and in many cases—fine restaurants—wouldn’t be the same. Burgers would be bland, fries embarrassed by their nakedness, and hot dogs robbed of their bite. In a world devoid of …

01st Jan
valentine diner

History of the American Diner

What do McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Arby’s, Roy Rogers, Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box, and Kentucky Fried Chicken have in common? All have their distant origins in the diner, that unsung institution of roadside America that began over one-hundred years ago, decades before there were automobiles, drive-thru …