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Author Michael Karl WItzel
and his pop culture books has appeared in numerous film and television documentaries, including the 2006 History Channel special, American Eats: The Foods That Built America (2006 Soda Pop episode, Atlas Media Corporation). Witzel also appeared in the History Channel's Tailfins and Drive-Ins (1998, WheelsTV: Episode 101).

Sitting on his favorite stool at Walt's Diner in Wichita, Kansas, Witzel also provided historical commentary and anecdotes for the History Channel special, American Eats: History on a Bun. (1999, Atlas Media Corporation).

When the popular Unwrapped program demanded an historical consultant for Drive-Ins Unwrapped, the Food Network producers called on Witzel to provide anecdotes and on-camera commentary (2003, High-Noon Productions). Later that year, the Travel Channel also tapped Witzel for his roadside food expertise. His appearance on The World's Best Fast Food Restaurants aired on June 01, 7:00 p.m. E.S.T. (2003, Van Ness Films/Foxstar Productions).

Witzel is an expert on the history and culture of roadside America, including drive-ins, diners, gas stations, motels, and fast food. He is available for media appearances, group presentations, lectures, and historical consultation.

Michael Witzel's Published Books
The American Gas Station
Gas Station Memories
The American Diner
Drive-In Deluxe
Route 66 Remembered
The American Drive-In
Cruisin': Car Culture in America
The Gas Station
The American Motel
Gas Stations Coast to Coast
Les Stations-Service Americaines
Hit The Road!
Soda Pop
Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola
Roadside Americana
Barns: Styles and Structures
Legendary Route 66
Barbecue Road Trip

Michael Witzel's Published Articles
Texas Highways
Rider Magazine
Mobilia Magazine
Check The Oil! Magazine
Invention & Technology
New World Outlook
Volkswagen World
Horseman Magazine
S.C.A. Journal
Route 66 Magazine
Car Toys
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Texas Co-Op Power

Michael Witzel Writing Radio Interviews
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Michael Witzel's Television Appearances
Recent notable television appearances include interviews on the CBS Good Morning show with Harry Smith (CBS-TV, New York), The Morning News (KTLA-TV, Los Angeles), Good Morning San Antonio (KSAT-TV, San Antonio) Mornings on 2 (KTVU-TV, San Francisco), and The Mike and Mogie Show (KAKE-TV, Wichita).

Michael Witzel's Syndicated Radio
Witzel is a sought after guest for nationally syndicated talk-radio programs like NPR's To The Best of Our Knowledge: The Diner As Muse Michael Karl Witzel (Wisconsin Public Radio), Whad'Ya Know? with Michael Feldman, All Things Considered with Charity Nebbe (Michigan Public Radio), Nights With Nolan (U.S.A. Radio Network), the Phil Paleologos Show (Talk America Radio Network), the Ted Patterson Show (Liberty Works Radio Network), the Steve and Johnnie Show (WGN-Chicago), the Gary Burbank Show (WLW-Cincinatti), Dave's Diner (airs on over 150 Oldies stations nationwide), KEYN-FM (Wichita, Kansas), KONO-FM (San Antonio, Texas), and Outlook (BBC World Service).


Witzel is available for public appearances, lectures, and consultation on a variety of historical subjects, including popular culture foods, restaurant history, food history, barbecue, the hamburger, hot dog, ice cream cone, roadside America, gasoline stations, road trips, drive-in restaurants, cruising Main Street, soft drinks, roadside attractions, vintage diners, classic cars, hot rods, and Route 66.

Radio, television, or documentary film producers that would like to book Witzel for an interview, appearance, or historical consultation should make contact directly using the email contact link below. For bookings, call the contact number.



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